and the Cycle Repeats ….

So, after a couple of days with the nurses taking good care of Jess, the ‘Wrath of a Sick Child’s Mother” was unleashed yet again today. A doctor came in and decided that it was time to ween Jess from her IV pain meds and have her take them by pill …. nothing else needs to be said -well, after you consider this:

Jess has been in the hospital for about a week, she’s had surgery, and in worse shape now than when she was admitted. Jess can’t even have water in her mouth because it burns (water!). She tried pudding yesterday & it had to be suctioned out, she couldn’t swallow it. No sprite, no Ensure -just little bits of an icee now and then. It’s been almost 3 days now and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Back to the Doctor’s decision, she wanted to have Jess start taking pain meds by pills! Cindy let loose, apparently -while in the Presidential Suite- an angry Mom screaming at the doctor, crying in frustration, that her daughter is getting worse under their care and that there’s a malpractice attorney on retainer changes things a bit. Nothing has been ‘normal’ since they were admitted, so now it’s time to think outside the box. Treat Jess as an individual, not a statistic. Evaluate how she is responding and adjust already!!!  After all the dust settled, the doctor determined that perhaps increasing the pain meds (by IV) would allow Jess to continue to try to swallow things with less pain and just maybe get some type of nutrition in her.  Toradol (sp?) has been added to the IV & is supposed to help with inflammation, pain and something else and the surgeon due back in to check on things Monday.

I’m outta here for now -gotta go enjoy the best mood I have been in for years! May you all have wonderful days ahead soon!


One thought on “and the Cycle Repeats ….

  1. Thanks so much for the update on Jess – i hope she is able to keep some food down soon! Toradol is fantastic, I’ve had that before on IV and kept hitting that button for more. Good stuff. Hope it helps take the edge off!

    Cindy, you be careful with all of that ranting and raving with the docs, don’t forget about your blood clot, I am worried about you!

    And your post made me laugh, the book doesn’t come out til March, then I will send you a personalized copy!! It is in final editing now, and takes forever to get to the shelves. I have something else to send along but the storm screwed up everything here, the post offices were without power, et al. We’re getting back to normal now, everyone is back to work and school, halleluja!

    More soon, just wanted to send good thoughts and a hug while I am passing through!!

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