and She’s Back! (well, real soon!)

Sparky playing “Do it again!”

Morning Folks!

I was up and thinking about Cindy and wanted to talk with her, but figured with the time difference, calling would not be the best idea -can you imagine someone calling at 530am … without an emergency? I wouldn’t be too happy, myself! So I goofed around on WordPress, read some cool stuff & came back here to check for comments that may need to be addressed & find that Cindy’s been up for quite some time -she’s got a major blog in the works for you all!
No spoiler alert beyond Cindy will be posting today 🙂

Welcome back, Cin! I love you!



2 thoughts on “and She’s Back! (well, real soon!)

  1. Elaine,
    Thank you for standing in for me while I was taking care of Jess, it means the world to me that you took over my blog when I couldn’t write anything. I’ve gotten a ton of messages from people who were greatful to be kept up-to-date on Jesse’s condition. She’s doing better this morning.
    All my love to you my dear sister,

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