#135 I’m in a better mood today but still tired

During the time that I was in the hospital with Jess, I took a phone call from a lady at the hospital where I was supposed to be having my next surgery. This tumor in my arm is getting painful and I know if I wait much longer it will be too big to try to remove so I  know I shouldn’t wait any longer. I told that lady that I was going to have to reschedule my surgery and that I would call the surgeon to check his callender when my daughter was feeling better. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m in any way blaming this on my daughter. I think that if she was home and healthy when that lady called me to confirm my surgery that I would have found another reason to put it off. If I believed for one minute that I was going to be healthy after I have it removed then I might have a better attitude. But it’s only for pain relief that I’m even giving it a shot. When I spoke to the surgeon he told me that having it removed wouldn’t make me any better and that it might even cause it to spread faster. I don’t know for sure if it would help me or hurt me…so putting it off would have happened anyway. I’ll call Monday morning a see what they have open this month. I spoke to Rick about the finance issues and I think he might have found a way that he can go back to work. He won’t be driving a tow truck, but he was a call center manager for about fifteen years before he was in a truck so he wants to work for a nation wide company that takes calls for emergency towing and road-side problems. Who better to have taking those calls than someone who has the experience that he has. I think that the company also has full benefits too so we won’t have to pay out-of-pocket for his heart meds anymore.  It was a huge relief to me to hear him talking about working again because he went so long with his doctors refusing to release him for work. Hopefully they won’t mind if he does this kind of work. I have only been up for about an hour and already I feel like I need to rest. I think I’ll look and see what movies are on and relax for a while.


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