#136 Cali took a dirt nap

I have a huge coffee cup planter in my kitchen window that I had a plant in it but the plant died. My cat Cali doesn’t like other cats and we have two other cats, one of them is still only half-grown and it loves to try to play with Cali. Cali never does let the little one get near her without screaming at it and trying to take its little head off…but the little one keeps trying. I was doing dishes yesterday and noticed that Cali was in the dirt in the coffee cup planter and had made herself into a little ball to fit herself all the way into the coffee cup. She actually ate the last bits of the dead plant so that she could lay in the dirt. She has to be the cleanest cat that we have ever had and spends hours cleaning herself, so her just chillin in the dirt surprised me. I took pictures and tried to put one here but it was way too big to post so I’ll just post the one of me holding the cup in the store. I’ll have to see if Rick can switch the pictures for me later this morning. I just got chewed out by Jess for me writing about her getting that picture in the mail of her speeding. Apparently my mother read about it and said something to her. I had to laugh a little because it’s not like anything in my life or my families lives have been off-limits to my blog posts. If she doesn’t want to get lectured then she shouldn’t be getting into trouble…it’s that simple. I completely forgot that Thanksgiving was coming up and now my mother wants to have dinner at my house this year. Rick and mom and I do all the cooking and baking so it probably does make more sense to have everyone here. We have a bigger house too so there is more room for everyone to relax before and after dinner. The only problem is that my oven is not set straight so everything we bake comes out lopsided. Rick has a habit of starting fires too because it’s a gas stove and the juices from the turkey tend to go over the side of the pan. Mom said that she’ll just cook the turkey in her oven and bring it over here, she only lives a mile away. Now I have to think of what I want to make for dinner. We usually have the same things with the exception of adding one or two different things because Rick and mom like to try new things. I personally like to just have what we always have so that there isn’t a huge mess and we wouldn’t have to buy extra things. I don’t get very excited about holidays because every year they all seem to be more of a financial burden than a family gathering. I do like to have my Christmas decorations out but every year I have to tell Rick that he should be happy that I put up our tree and decorate it. If I had my way that tree would stay decorated and sit in the garage when it wasn’t needed in the house. Nobody likes to help me decorate, but last year Diane came over to help me so it was definitely more fun. It so nice outside today, a little bit chilly but very nice. I love it when I can put clothes on that aren’t shorts and tank tops. I am curious to see if any of my jeans fit me this year. I seem to gain and then lose weight without noticing that it’s happening and right now I think I need to drop a few pounds before I try to fit into any of last winters clothes. My shoulder and right arm have been bothering me for a while now and I’m sure that I have something pinching a nerve in my arm. So far it isn’t anything that a pain pill doesn’t help so I’m still able to manage. It does hurt really badly when I walk on my crutches so I’ve been trying to avoid walking too much, but upstairs I only have my crutches to get around. When I ask Rick to take my chair upstairs for me to clean the bedroom and bathroom he does but I know that it hurts him to carry it so I don’t ask unless I have to. Jesse and her friend Danny are still sleeping but when they get up I think I’m going to ask if they mind helping me with some chores. If I try to do everything myself I end up not being able to finish what I wanted to do and my house needs to be cleaned. It does give me something to do though so I don’t mind cleaning. After I get everything cleaned I always feel better about everything, even if I have a little more pain it’s worth it. I managed to shrink the picture but now its really small so you might have to zoom in to see Cali. I tried…but I’m terrible with computers.



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