#137 I did it all by myself


Well I did a few things all by myself. First I found a way to fix this picture of Cali so that you can see what I saw in my kitchen window. I forgot to mention that she has thrown dirt out of this planter all over my garden window and I have to climb up on my counter to reach in there to clean it, so right now there’s dirt all over the place. I’ll get to it eventually. And, I cleaned my kitchen yesterday without anyone helping me…but I did have to take a break in the middle, and third I straightened up my front living room, although I still need to dust and vacuum that room and the others. I think I managed to accomplish a lot on one day…for me anyway. I didn’t even drink any more coffee than usual, but I did take something for pain that I don’t usually take so it worked better than my usual pills. Most people have to take a nap after taking anything for pain but for me every kind of pain pill works like caffeen.  They make me have less pain while also making me want to clean everything that I can. It works for me. And no, I didn’t take anything that I’m not supposed to take. My doctor changes my pain pills every few months back and forth between two different kinds so that when one of them stops working I can switch to the other one for a few months. That way I don’t build up a tolerance to either one of them and they keep working for my pain. If more doctors would do that with more people then there wouldn’t be so many people who are on ridiculous doses of any one drug.  I used to call them medicine, but someone I respect told me a long time ago that they are drugs and shouldn’t be confused with other kinds of medicines. That way you don’t forget to be very careful with what amounts you allow yourself to take. I’m so jealous of people who can first of all get through most of their lives without taking anything for pain at all, and also for those people who when they do have to take anything the tiniest dose works for the pain and they take a little nap and are fine when they wake up. I’m lucky that I’m able to sleep at night at all, but I’ve discovered Tylenol pm without the Tylenol. It’s actually just Benadryl, and I take it every night and I usually sleep just fine. I try not to take anything at all for pain at night because then I would be up all night wanting to clean something. You might be getting the impression by now that I’m a clean freak…but no. It’s my best friend who is a clean freak and she lives right across the street from me, and I’m embarrassed to have her see my house if it doesn’t look nice. She sometimes pops up without me knowing that she’s coming so just incase she does I try my ass off to have everything looking at least half way clean. I love having her over so I don’t want her to be uncomfortable being here. She even does the dishes after we have dinner or a bar-b-que, and I must be picking up on her habits because I’ve found myself doing her dishes when we go over to her house too. It’s so cold this morning that I had to put a hoodie on over my clothes as soon as I woke up. I love it when it’s cold outside, especially after having such a hot summer this year. I’m considering putting my Christmas decorations up a week or so early this year. I was talking to Diane yesterday and she was about to start putting hers up as soon as we were off the phone, maybe after I finish cleaning I’ll try to find someplace to put it. Last year I had it in my dining room, but that’s where all my plants are because I have windows on both walls in that corner, and I don’t know if it would be wise to put the plants anywhere where they wouldn’t get as much sun. The cold from those windows might be getting too cold for them anyway, so I’ll have to try putting a few of them in different places and see how they do before I put the tree there. I’m surprised that they’re still alive because while I was in the hospital with Jess for a week and a half Rick forgot to water them, so I had a lot of dead leaves to pick off when I finally came home. The plants are doing better now that they aren’t all dried out. I can’t be angry with Rick though because he had his hands full with a lot of other things and I came home to find everything else well taken care of. He even finish all of the laundry and cleaned all the floors. After I drink my coffee this morning I think I’ll try to finish my chores so I can look around and be very proud of myself for doing so much work. This is one of those times when I wish we had a smaller house, but if we did then I wouldn’t be able to get around as well in my wheelchair. I also have to write out everything that happened to Jesse in the hospital because one nurse didn’t take care of her when I came home to get some sleep. I’m  going to run this by Rick’s lawyer to see if he thinks that we need him to handle it or if we can just deal with it ourselves. I know it isn’t a huge law suit but I do think that they owe Jess some compensation for what they did to her, and we need to make sure that the hospital takes some kind of action against that nurse for causing Jesse to have to have medical intervention because of that nurse’s incompetence. I do have some pain in my shoulder and arm this morning but I think that I won’t notice it as much if I keep busy. I should probably start with cleaning up all the dirt that Cali threw out of the coffee cup planter.


4 thoughts on “#137 I did it all by myself

  1. Hi Cindy. So glad your daughter is much better. You are right about drugs v. meds. My wife had a hell of a time detoxing down to an acceptable level after being over prescribed with the oxy’s. Took two years to wean downward. Now she receives the same relief as she did taking 8 times as much before. Craziness. I also enjoy your clean the house before the friend comes over bit. My wife used to clean the house before the cleaning lady arrived (can’t afford it now, but her pain still exists). Enjoy getting ready for the holidays!!!


    • Gary, Good for your wife for getting things under control again. What’s funny is that Diane walked in my front door right after I sat down from dusting because she saw my post. She said she was checking in on me. 😉

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Just because my brain is all wonky when I am ready would you please put in a double space once in a while. It will make it easier for me to read, and I do read every single one of your blogs or posts.

    I hope you can write a good recount of what your daughter went through and the nurse will be properly retrained and disciplined.

    Hugs Barb

    • Barb,
      I’m sorry…I’ll try to do that. Do you mean every line, or just with new paragraphs? I never did go to high school because I was sick so everything that I write kinda shows that.

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