#142 I’m being forced to take a break…I don’t like it!

I am unwillingly going to take a vacation for a little while, just until I can either get my computer fixed or find a nice cheap used one that will do what I need it to do…which isn’t very much really. Normally, I write a post every morning while I have my coffee and M&Ms, but I think that I’m going to have to take a break for a little while. Not that I want to…because I really don’t. I just don’t have a choice.

Not too long ago, I caught the cord of my head-set on the front of my wheelchair,  I didn’t realize that I was tangled up in it before I started to back away from my desk and saw that my computer tower was slowly tipping over. It literally looked like is was falling in slow motion so I didn’t panic and try to catch it, I thought that if I did that I might do more harm than good. So, I held the cord to the head-set and tried to let the tower down as slowly as possible. Even when the tower made its way all the way to the floor it didn’t make much of a sound at all, and nothing looked damaged at all…not even the head-set cord had anything wrong with it. I went to refill my coffee, which was what I was trying to do to begin with, and I came back to write my morning post.

Everything was going along as usual until I realized that I was hearing a very loud beep coming from the computer tower. I had no clue wait is was, and after writing a few more lines I decided that I might have shaken something lose in the tower and that I should just save my blog post for later and re-start the computer. I shut it down and tried to restart it…but something went very wrong. I must have done something really bad for it to not even be able to start Windows. I begged my husband, although he didn’t want to do this at all, to open the tower and just look to see if there was anything obvious…like a loose wire, or something unplugged that he could just fix and I could get back to my writing. Nothing found, and he gave up.

My little brother knows pretty much everything about computers, but he has a very demanding job as well as a family with two little kids, so you can see why I wouldn’t want to ask him to check out my problem. I didn’t want him to feel obligated and possibly miss out on anything important. Rick did ask Jason if he could take a look at it, and I was given very bad news about my little computer friend. When it tipped over, the hard drive was running…now I can’t fix it. It’s going to have to have a new hard drive installed, or I’ll have to find a very cheap pc . I love my computer. It isn’t anything expensive or difficult to use, it’s an e-machine. I don’t ever do anything but write my blog posts, check my fb, and talk to some other women with breast cancer online. I have no need for anything fancy, actually I think a fancy computer would simply be wasted on me. I just need to find a way to fix my sad little broken pc. I’ll look around and price some hard drives, hopefully because of the holidays they will be on sale somewhere.

So, I’ve been using Rick’s gaming pc every morning, I usually wake up three or four hours before he does, so that I don’t get in his way. No problem there. Jesse has been needing to use Rick’s pc too lately to look for a job (she didn’t like the ones she had, too much drama)but she stays up late at night and now Rick has things on his computer that he doesn’t want there (no, it’s not porn or anything vulgar). I told him if he didn’t want anyone on his pc when he isn’t awake then he should change the password.

He changed the password right before he went to bed (the night before last), and when he woke up he had no clue what he had changed it to. We’ve tried everything to reset the password, the computer, and even called the manufacture. They said that all they can do is send him a disk in the mail that should help him fix the problem. I don’t think I’ll ever agree to use his computer again. Somehow, even though I was asleep when he changed the password, it’s still all my fault. And everyone else’s fault too. He’s very, very touchy about his gaming pc because he waited years to be able to have one. I totally get why he’s so upset about all of this right now. But I did find out that he now remembers changing the password to one that I could easily remember…but he never told me what it was? Hmmm

I’ll be back as soon as I can,

All my Love to everyone, cin


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