Hey everyone! Cindy’s asked me to write for a little while =)  She’s been having a bit more pain lately & isn’t sleeping very well -but she wants everyone to know she’s still around -she’s ((LOL)) “not dead yet” (NDY) That’s what she tells everyone who asks how she’s doing, “I’m not dead yet.” That’s Cin, isn’t it!?!

We’ve chatted a bit & I’ve read her “comments” to her so she’s still getting to hear your thoughts -so, keep  ’em coming! She’s already said she’s lost her sunshine and things are pretty rough at home. She wanted to clean & decorate for Thanksgiving with all the family coming over, but that didn’t turn out like she wanted & she got super tired. She says she’s not planning on decorating for Christmas this year, she doesn’t want to see/remember what she can’t do anymore (and last year’s was so memorable in the hospital).

Hoping tomorrow brings some more sunshine!



5 thoughts on “NDY

  1. Thanks, Elaine! Hey Cin, sending you some sunshine!!! Let us know when you are home or maybe Elaine can provide a different address so we can send you some surprises for the holidays. It’s Christmas and if you refuse to decorate, I think we should all do it for you 😉 Hope the pain is under control and that you have a comfy bed tonight! Hugs to you and RIck, Jenni

  2. Hi Cindy. Just an avid blog reader here in South Africa. Found your blog yesterday and it kept me enthralled. One thing for sure,you’re NOT like any other lady with cancer. You’re very unique and feisty to boot. You had me so enthralled that my husband asked “Who’s sick that you’re reading about?” He knows how intense I become when I’m willing someone to feel better. Poor man was trying to get my attention.Serves him right,when he’s doing his work on his laptop I don’t even BOTHER talking to him;-) I have not dealt with cancer in my own body, but as you yourself have said, it’s also about the caregiver and everyone who loves them. When surrounded by cancer in ‘real’ life,it’s hard to read frivolous blogs,so I gravitate to people with a deeper sense of what’s real and what really matters. And you’ve made it clear what matters to you, your friends, your family, your precious husband, your granddaughter who’s going to make her appearance in the future…I pray that your children’s lives improve where they need to improve. Wishing you less pain today,hmm, NO pain today…Thandi

  3. Get some rest, Cindy! And thank you to Elaine for taking over for awhile. It would be strange not to receive a nearly daily blog update from her. Along with Seizetheday1965’s comment, is there anything I can do to help Cindy get into the Christmas spirit? I just decorated my tree tonight and I can’t imagine not doing so! Feel better soon, sweet Cindy.

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