Sometimes you feel like a nut ….

Greetings Wonderful Readers,

Cindy is really enjoying her new hospital bed -it’s a sleep number bed! It’s the only place she’s really able to get comfortable lately. That’s got a benefit -it’s a great place to read! That’s what she’s doing a lot of right now. She’s reading a book by James Van Praagh, “Reaching to Heaven: A Spiritual Journey Through Life and Death.” I haven’t read it, but she says it’s really good.

The weather is starting to get a lot cooler and that’s making Cindy’s lungs act up. So, what’s her answer? Get the old-time great big 10-gallon chili pot (blue with white dots) fill it with water and boil it. Gather some towels, have it beside the bed, drape her head and breathe the steaming air for a long time! Then she went to sleep -for hours.

While she was asleep, Jesse’s little kitty tried to take a bath in a glass of water nearby. I thought this was rather odd, most cats I’ve been around really dislike large amounts of water. Well, Jesse has been giving the kitty a bath weekly, so it really likes it. Apparently, it didn’t want to wait for it’s next bath time, and decided a glass of water was enough to bathe in.

A very good elfin friend of Cindy’s, Diane, came over and decorated the house for Christmas! There’s a Christmas tree she can see, lights and decorations over the entertainment centers, put a wreath on the front door & brought out the holiday place mats. Nothing Cindy’s going to get caught up in, but looking around she can see the holiday decorations. 🙂  Thank you, Diane, a.k.a. Elfin Friend!

Christmas will be over at Mom’s house because all the hospital stuff at her place is like a real downer -it reminds everyone what’s going on, so it’ll be Christmas at Mom’s house! I  say it’s much better than at the hospital last year!

So, to close with tonight, I’ll share the joke of the title: I called to talk with Rick and Cindy today and Rick says I always say I’m doing “peachy.” So, he started calling me fruity. Well, I said he was nutty. Cindy chimes in she knows who Rick’s talking to from the conversation she’s hearing. I get her on the phone and she says she’s always nutty. I chirp back then that makes you an Almond Joy cuz sometimes you feel like a nut (from an old commercial we grew up hearing the jingle from). Cindy then says that’s the kind of creamer she has for her coffee cuz she ~always~ feels like a nut!

Tulips, Keukenhof Garden



One thought on “Sometimes you feel like a nut ….

  1. Hi Cindy and Elaine,
    I am happy to hear you like your new bed. I think my bed is really comfortable so I understand.

    What a good friend you have who decorated for you. That is just a great surprise, isn’t it? I liked your idea for an upside down pink tree. My DD hung her tree from the ceiling last year, it was a aluminum spiral tree so it was easy to do.

    It was good to hear that your meds are working properly. I sure hope your lungs give you a break soon.

    My son his wife and our two grand kids are coming in for Christmas. Zoe our local DGD will also be here along with her parents. 🙂 I am looking forward to it cautiously. I am used to the house being really quiet and I want so much to enjoy the visit. Wish me good vibes Cindy!

    I hope you feel like writing sometime soon. . Elaine is entertaining and all but you are the original! In the meantime I guess Elaine will read you all our comments.

    Miss you
    Hugs Barb (Ginger)

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