Checking In



Good Day, to you all -it’s been a while since we’ve talked!  Life has a way of sneaking up on you sometimes and giving you those “Aha!” moments. I’ve had a few days of those *chuckles*


So, Cindy has a cold and is taking cough medicine and antibiotics; she’s sleeping on and off & that’s a good thing! For a while she was awake most of the time -how can a body work on healing what it can, if it’s never in a resting condition? Rick is also sick with the same thing ~not fun. Thank goodness viruses aren’t contagious through the www (well, for people anyways! LOL).


Well, I’m off to the kitchen for more baking -I have been in the mood to bake since Thanksgiving time. I used to bake for the holidays every year … but I went through a spell for about 6yrs where I didn’t feel like baking much, so I didn’t. This year it seems as though I may make up for some of those years! This week I’ve baked banana bread, peanut butter cookies, cranberry nut bread. I’m going to make banana nut bread today -upon request! 🙂


cranberry nut bread



banana nut bread peanut butter cookies





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