Archive | November 2014

It’s been awhile…

It’s been soo long…yet I still forget she’s gone.

I still hear her voice in my head…I still see her goofy playful laugh in my mind.

Just thought I’d do an update.

I’m Nicci…Cins baby sister. Yep…I’m 32 and still the baby sister.

When Cin died…our family started to fall apart. I don’t think any of us knew what to do. So, we take it day by day.

About 6 months after we lost Cin, her daughter Jesse got into a very serious car accident. Her right side of her body was badly injured. She had a huge laceration on her head, her arm had the bone sticking out so it’s now held together with plates and screws, her pelvis broken in 2 spots and her hoot mangled and also now held together with plates and screws. To say that girl had an angel watching over her is the only way to describe it.

Cins precious baby Granddaughter is 1 now. Walking and talking and sassy as ever…lol. She’s a really sweet little girl. And definitely smart!

Other than that…the only other huge family changes are that Heath and I got married May 3rd! I really wish my beautiful sister could have been there. It broke my heart the thought of getting married without her there…so I bought a silver charm bracelet and put a pink ribbon charm to represent her and a couple others to represent our Dad. I needed to feel at least some part of her was with me. I remember crying the night before because I felt I waited too long. I wanted her there…and it really hurt she couldn’t be.

Our brother Jason also got married in August of this year!

It’s been a hectic year for the Phillips family.

All the day to day craziness and I still find time to think of her every single day.

I love you Cin…and miss you like crazy.