Fantastic news: Cindy is back home, resting comfortably. 🙂 We arrived home to a delicious homemade potatoe and ham soup with onions an pineapple and lots of love that Rick cooked (mmmm mmmm good!!)

Cindy had her evening graham crackers and milk, got comfy in bed then I got to read her a couple chapters in her book with recorded sounds of thunder and rain lulling her to sleep. She says she knows it sounds silly, but me reading to her helps her relax and makes her happy. What a wonderful gift to be able to offer: words of a delightful book read with love … giving a peaceful way to drift into dreamland. Gosh am I lucky! I will cherish these moments and create more memories for us both … and you all, too.

I am gonna get some rest and dance in my dreams to the thunder and rain recording that has created a calm allowing cindy to sleep soundly for several hours!


Merry Christmas, Cindy!

What do you do when Holiday Angels give a gift allowing a dream to become reality?

 Say “Thank you!” and live your dream!

I am in Phoenix, Arizona, sharing Christmas and a few weeks with Cindy! I’m so excited and appreciative and amazed at the generousity of some wonderful people.

I flew in on Christmas Day -I almost got stuck at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport after they were given a White Christmas with a side of ice … seems air planes have difficulty navigating ice-y patches and they aren’t equipped for this type of adverse weather. My original flight was cancelled and I was put on Stand By on another flight. There was a kind American Airlines’ Ticket Agent, who granted me the final seat on the last plane leaving Dallas due to ice. Another Holiday Angel =0)  I arrived at 11:30pm to find Rick and Mom waiting patiently after several delays. Mom said something along the lines that with all the chaos my luggage may not have made it, I said I could really care less! I had arrived safely, with everyone else, and that’s what really mattered most to me. Turns out, the luggage was all there! Another blessing!

This morning Cindy called the house and thought she might be coming home (she’s been in-patient getting her pain meds regulated, it’s been a challenge but under control now) -but that will be tomorrow! =0)  Mom and Rick dropped me off around 3pm and I’ve spent the day with dear Cindy. We chatted and joked with each other and some of the nurses <>  and relaxed. Tonight we had dinner, Cindy read some more of her book, by Fannie Flagg, “Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven” and I caught up with some work online. Now, Cindy’s dozing, waiting for the night-time meds to help her sleep through the night. 

Mom and Rick also took me to the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona. It was the first time I’d been to Dad’s final resting place. I was amazed at the enormity of the Cemetery -so many, who gave so much, so we could have all we do. I took pictures of the Seals of the 5 branches of military,  the cemetery, and Dad’s wall placard. I wasn’t emotionally able to go before now. I’m in such a better place now; I’ve learned a lot about life and death this year. I’m not afraid of death now.  I truly believe and accept that life is a mere part of our journey and death is the beginning of the next chapter. Now, Dad’s memories aren’t painful; they are moments I can cherish. Bittersweet that it’s taken so very long to accept this.


To all my Holiday Angels: Thank you for shining your light on me and my loved ones ~

Sometimes you feel like a nut ….

Greetings Wonderful Readers,

Cindy is really enjoying her new hospital bed -it’s a sleep number bed! It’s the only place she’s really able to get comfortable lately. That’s got a benefit -it’s a great place to read! That’s what she’s doing a lot of right now. She’s reading a book by James Van Praagh, “Reaching to Heaven: A Spiritual Journey Through Life and Death.” I haven’t read it, but she says it’s really good.

The weather is starting to get a lot cooler and that’s making Cindy’s lungs act up. So, what’s her answer? Get the old-time great big 10-gallon chili pot (blue with white dots) fill it with water and boil it. Gather some towels, have it beside the bed, drape her head and breathe the steaming air for a long time! Then she went to sleep -for hours.

While she was asleep, Jesse’s little kitty tried to take a bath in a glass of water nearby. I thought this was rather odd, most cats I’ve been around really dislike large amounts of water. Well, Jesse has been giving the kitty a bath weekly, so it really likes it. Apparently, it didn’t want to wait for it’s next bath time, and decided a glass of water was enough to bathe in.

A very good elfin friend of Cindy’s, Diane, came over and decorated the house for Christmas! There’s a Christmas tree she can see, lights and decorations over the entertainment centers, put a wreath on the front door & brought out the holiday place mats. Nothing Cindy’s going to get caught up in, but looking around she can see the holiday decorations. 🙂  Thank you, Diane, a.k.a. Elfin Friend!

Christmas will be over at Mom’s house because all the hospital stuff at her place is like a real downer -it reminds everyone what’s going on, so it’ll be Christmas at Mom’s house! I  say it’s much better than at the hospital last year!

So, to close with tonight, I’ll share the joke of the title: I called to talk with Rick and Cindy today and Rick says I always say I’m doing “peachy.” So, he started calling me fruity. Well, I said he was nutty. Cindy chimes in she knows who Rick’s talking to from the conversation she’s hearing. I get her on the phone and she says she’s always nutty. I chirp back then that makes you an Almond Joy cuz sometimes you feel like a nut (from an old commercial we grew up hearing the jingle from). Cindy then says that’s the kind of creamer she has for her coffee cuz she ~always~ feels like a nut!

Tulips, Keukenhof Garden


Great News!

That wonderfully delicate balance of pain meds has been reached!  I feel so relieved that now things will begin a new “normal”.  I get to work tomorrow so it’ll be in the late evening before I can post again, but I’m looking forward to Cindy’s input & responses to your comments. Today’s the first day things have been well regulated, so tomorrow will be a day spent resting. Who couldn’t use a day of rest? LOL

Check back tomorrow late evening for an update!

Oh, and do a Happy Dance for Cindy!



The Sun’s Shining

Hey, Everyone!

Cindy is feeling better -guess that happens when you eat, drink and get outside for sunshine! hehehe Her doctor is still working on getting her pain meds regulated -the new pain meds made her hyper active after taking it, so they decided to add another to counter that side effect because the pain med is the right one for her pain relief. Now they need to find the delicate balance.

I’ll try to get back with you all later!