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#139 I just found out

I’ve been waiting, and not patiently I might add, to find out what my grandchild is going to be, and I just got off the phone with my son and his fiance. It’s a little girl! YAY!! 🙂 I had a feeling that it was a girl, but I didn’t want to tell everyone that and then be wrong. I figured that I would just wait and see. I love the idea of having a baby girl in the family. I do think that boys are easier to take care of, but it’s more fun to shop for a little girl. I was also told that the baby is to have my middle name, which I think is wonderful. Rose was the middle name of not just me, but also my great-grandmother, my aunt, my cousin’s little girl and probably a few more people on my dad’s side of my family that I’m not remembering right now. I don’t know for sure how the first name will be spelled so I won’t try to spell it because I don’t want to get in trouble for doing that. I have a feeling that this baby will have two wonderful parents tripping over themselves to make her happy…always a good thing in my book. Congratulations Justin and Ashley. 🙂

Rick has started making sugar cookies for us. Not for the holidays, just to snack on. I can’t remember a time in his life when he made cookies. I’m always the one who does all the baking, and every once in a while he would help me out a little, but for him to suddenly start baking took me by surprise. For his first attempt he did very well. I think they were as good, if not better, than the ones my mother and I make every year around Christmas. It can be very tricky to have a sugar cookie come out well. They weren’t dry and were perfectly baked( I did help with baking them), and I have to admit that I did eat most of them when he wasn’t looking. He wants to make another batch today, he wanted to do it last night but I talked him into waiting until the kitchen was cleaned so that he didn’t end up with a huge mess right before bedtime. I guess I’ll have to get up soon and start getting the kitchen ready for him to play in. He does have a habit of leaving flour trails every time he does anything where flour is involved in one of his kitchen projects.


I do have a few chores that I plan on tackling, and I’ve had my coffee and M&Ms already. My mom bought me a sharing size bag of M&Ms, but I have no intention of sharing them. I’ll share anything else in the world…but I can’t give up my sugar. I swear sugar is an addiction, probably one of the best kind of addictions for someone to have. I still have to call Jesse’s Dr to find out why he didn’t call in her meds yesterday, her throat is still healing very slowly so she still has some infection in there that needs continued antibiotics. I really hope that having the surgery will keep her from ever having anymore infections. I think she’s had enough of them to last her a lifetime.

It’s very quiet in the house this morning, so I’m enjoying it very much. So far today I’ve only seen Rick and the animals, Jess and Abraham are still sleeping. He’s the little boy that she’s been co-raising ever since he was born. He has to be the biggest three-year old I’ve ever seen, and he calls me Grandma Cindy, which makes it easier for me to have a little kid around. I normally don’t like having kids in the house because they move too fast for me and make too much noise…not to mention the messes they can make before you have time to stop them. But Abraham has become a part of the family and now I’m more used to having him here since Jess came back home. I know Rick just loves him to death, especially because they think very much alike. Rick freely admits to thinking along the same lines as a three-year old. We only have him over once in a while but he sure does take over the house when he’s here. I don’t have any idea how it happened but this young man looks exactly like my daughter…even more than he looks like his parents.


I went a very long time without any little ones around me, but it’s looking like I need to get used to the idea that my kids have grown into being parents themselves. I hope that I’ve done a good enough job for them to be able to do a good job too. Hopefully I can help them to make better choices than I did. I didn’t have a clue how to raise a child back then, and I flat-out refused to take anyone’s advice on how to raise my kids. I so wish that I had taken some of that advise because it would have made my kids lives so much better. I don’t want to over-step my boundaries so I’ll have to be careful about making sure my advice is welcome before I go giving my opinion. Anyone who knows me at all will understand how that might be difficult for me to do. Wish me luck. 😉


#122 Ice cream for breakfast? OK

I feel pretty good so far today, and I haven’t even had any M&Ms this morning either. I was looking through the grocery store adds the other day and noticed that ice cream was on sale so of course I had to have some. I sent Rick to the store with the ad and gave him complete control over what kind he was to buy for me, and he came home with three kinds that I wouldn’t usually buy. All three had some kind of chocolate in them, however I did find that there was one that I particularly liked a lot. It was coffee flavored with Oreos broken up in it. How perfect is that? I think I have a new favorite now. I’m one of those people who always buys the same things all the time because I don’t want to find out after I’ve spent money on something that I didn’t like it, but Rick likes to try new things. I do end up eating whatever he orders when we go out to dinner because I always order the same thing, so his always looks better than mine does. Other than being extremely hot yesterday and today I’ve been feeling pretty good. Not too much pain and no problems so I need to take advantage of this good mood and try to do some things today. I’ve decided to start collecting baby things for my grand baby who’s coming in April. I don’t like to wait until the last-minute to do things,  so I think that if I get started now I’ll have lots of stuff, most of which probably won’t be necessary items but this should be fun. My mother suggested that every time we go to Sam’s Club I buy a case of diapers so that won’t be an expense that is put off. I can’t believe how expensive everything for babies is now. If you plan on feeding your baby expect to go into debt, and fast. I like to take my time a collect things that look new but don’t cost an arm and a leg. I really don’t have any extra limbs at this point anyway. 😉 And I want to help our son as much as we can because I remember how terrible it can be to have a need for anything for a child and not be able to just go out and buy it. I see having a grand child as being a second chance to help my kids and to show them what things I would have done differently to make things better for them. I want to collect lots of books for the new baby, that’s something that I didn’t have a lot of for my kids but I think that it’s important to start reading to them as soon possible. I wanna get started on my day as soon as possible so I’m going to cut this post a bit short, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that I was doing just fine and I’m about to have ice cream for breakfast. Maybe it will help me to cool off a little. This pic is my Rick with my brother Jason’s son Parker…we need another one of these to play with and spoil.