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#8 Elaine for Cindy

A new chapter has begun for Cindy: post mastectomy. She had the surgery this morning and Mom says she did well. She is in a great deal of pain and rather grouchy because of it, but that is to be expected.
Rick did not have his surgery today (workman’s comp is playing games again). He’s having a tough time seeing Cindy in so much pain and not able to really do anything to help or fix it.
Mom says that Cindy needs to get as much rest as possible today, so I will wait until tomorrow to call her -hopefully she’ll be up to it; if not, I will wait another day!
Thank you for your encouragement, love and prayers!


#7 Elaine for Cindy

Effective immediately what was formerly known as Murphy’s Law will be called Cindy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

per Cindy Phillips 12-20-2011

Last night was not restful. Cindy was up all night either throwing up or having diarrhea; during which she pulled a muscle in her back. To make the second event even more enjoyable, a  nurse held two immodium tablets hostage pending a stool sample. Now, remember, when you have to get sick and it’s coming out both ends how quickly and carefully you have to move before something forcefully exists an orifice. Now think of yourself with one leg, crutches, in pain, feeling miserable and tired, having “to go” and then some sweet nurse asks for a stool sample.  If you provide the sample, you can have the immodium. Yeah, those are precious moments to remember!

But outside of that request, Cindy says the last few times she’s been in this hospital the nurses, staff, and doctors all go out of their way and make extra efforts to make sure she is comfortable, not in pain, checks if there is something special she’d like to eat, and happy (as happy as one can be in the hospital, anyways).  She is very pleased and appreciative of their efforts.

Health-wise, neither the biopsy nor ultrasound have been performed.  Tests indicate her potassium and magnesium levels keep dropping -they don’t know why, her white blood count is in the normal range but has been up occasionally, and now she’s running a fever on and off -although it has not been above 101.  She is still on antibiotics -which mayor may not be the cause of the vomiting and diarrhea.

The doctors say if the vomiting and diarrhea stop she may be able to go home tomorrow -for about 12 hours before she would have to come back for the surgery on Thursday. Cindy said, “It’s kinda bad when the doctors offer to let you go home for a conjugal visit.”  So, you can see her spirits are up -just like her temperature!

I will check in with her later this evening. Hope these updates help relieve some worry for everyone. =)

#24 Another day another Doctor…

This morning Rick and Jess and I all have an appointment with our primary Dr to have her give Rick the final OK for his surgery and to get something for Jess and I to get rid of our coughing. If I show up for surgery with a bad cough I’m guessing they’ll cancel it and make me wait until I get better. Not a good idea seeing as how my cancer is growing as we speak. We found out a few days ago that Rick’s workers comp may be stopped again because they are trying to contest the ruling from the judge. Just when it looked like we would not have any more trouble with workers comp they filed the papers on the last day of the 30 days they had to contest it. Really? I would understand if they really thought that they were paying money out to someone who didn’t deserve it and that they weren’t going to get their money back, but someone else is at fault for Rick’s injuries and their insurance company has already told their lawyer to settle with Rick as soon as we have his surgery done and all the bills are counted up. At this rate workers comp will get all their money back that they had to give to Rick but they’re spending a lot of money and time in legal fees and court fees that they will never get back so I don’t understand why their lawyer is going through all of this. What’s ironic is that the papers that workers comp filed contesting the claim say that Rick has no serious injury and that he doesn’t need any further treatment…What they don’t know yet is that Rick just recently had another MRI done showing that the injury was getting worse and his surgery has already been scheduled for next week. I think we’ll be letting our attorney know about this recent MRI so that he can add it to his arsenal of facts against their claim. If anything having to do with either Rick or I ever went smoothly I would have to laugh because that just doesn’t happen around our house. Nothing ever goes as planned. Oh well, just something else to deal with I guess.

I have had a few people who have read my blog tell me that they could see a book happening from all of my writing. I guess I could do that if I end up with enough posts (there’s nothing worse than a book that’s too short) but I don’t always know what to write about. I try to just sit down in the early morning everyday and spill my guts out into the keyboard but I don’t always have anything to talk about so I would like to ask everyone who reads this blog to please let me know what you would like me to comment about or what your favorite parts have been so far. Nothing anyone has to say will upset me in any way and I think that knowing what people like to hear about might give me some more ideas. I will always write about how things are going with me and what’s happening in my life however I would like to know if people would like to hear what I think on any given subject. Maybe you have a question about why I do things or how I’m getting through anything. I know there must be something that each person would like to hear more about or even a subject I haven’t covered.  I’m open to comments on things I’ve said too. I know I might regret saying this but…bring it. I wanna hear you to. Let me also add that unless each person who comments or asks a question specifically tells me that they want me to give their name when I answer anything they have to say, I won’t be posting your name so you can stay anonymous if you like. I’m really looking forward to hearing from people. I’ve noticed that I have a lot of people reading what I write and I want to thank everyone who stops by because it means a lot to me that what I have to say matters to other people. At the end of each post there is the word comment, please click on comment and say whatever is on your mind.