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#143 Yep, I’m still here

Even though Rick has been in a tizzy about getting his pc to work again I really didn’t want to miss out on my morning posts, luckily my lovely daughter suggested that I use the laptop that we gave her last year for Christmas to be able to write my posts with. Jesse can be a huge pain in the ass sometimes, but she also is the single most kind and generous person I’ve ever known. When we bought her this laptop we also bought two others for Justin and Ashley. And because we aren’t rich, we went to a reconditioned laptop store and were able to get all three, with new cases for less that we would have paid for one brand new one. All three kids were happy though because we had been telling them that there might not be any presents under the tree at all because we were hurting so badly financially. Rick would sell a kidney to be able to give our kids what they want for Christmas, but as they get older the presents seem to get more expensive…go figure.

So this year Rick and my mother want to have the holiday family get-together at our house. I tried to get out of it because I would have to go over my house with a fine tooth comb just so that I’m not embarrassed to have family here. Don’t get me wrong, they would probably not give a shit what my house looked like…it’s all me. I did manage to get the entire downstairs cleaned to my satisfaction, and then I spent the whole day yesterday trying to nurse the pain I had caused myself by doing things like reaching up with a swiffer duster while standing on one leg with nothing to hold on to just to clean my ceiling fan. Every time I touched the damn thing it started spinning around. Jesse and her best friend were told that they had to clean Jesse’s bathroom and the downstairs bathroom before I would give them the car keys to take all their friends skating. I still have to do a little more on the bathroom that Jesse ‘cleaned’,but at least she tried. She hates to clean.

This morning when the pharmacy opens I have to go and pick up my new meds. I haven’t taken this particular kind in years, but I do remember that one of the reasons that I didn’t want to keep taking them before was because they gave me way too much energy. Rick would have to demand that I sit in the recliner and take a break after six straight hours of doing chores. Now with as much as I need more energy just to do simple things, I’m hoping that it will work better for me this time. I do remember that it worked great for pain though so I can’t wait to see what happens.

Rick also told me yesterday that he wants to put up our Christmas tree today. I guess he wanted to have the house decorated before the family comes over. Last year he didn’t help at all, Diane and I had to do it ourselves while Rick watched TV pr played his games. To be honest I really don’t remember because I had my hands full of lights that someone had just thrown into a box. I am curious to see what decorations we have left. Every year more seem to hit the void. My favorites are the ones that my kids made for me when they were just old enough to be able to write their own names on them. I think everyone I know has at least one tiny little popsicle stick snow sled with glitter on it, and a red ribbon to hold it to a tree branch.
So today while Rick starts digging out all the Christmas decorations, I’ll be sitting in the middle of them all trying to figure out which lights are still in good working condition.  I’ll gently pick out the broken balls ans play where’s waldo to find enough extension cords to be able to plug everything in. I really don’t enjoy the process…but I love having the tree all lit up in the evenings leading up to Christmas. I also have a green and white wreath that hangs on my front door, this is the closest one to mine that I could find a picture of…except that my front doors are white so it looks really pretty. Happy holidays everyone. cin


#134 I think I need some new ideas

I usually don’t have any issues with making due with what we have, but lately it’s gotten very difficult to manage because Rick still is undergoing medical treatment for his neck, and now we’ve been notified that worker’s comp has determined that he has a permanent partial disability so they want to drop him again. The doctor’s have said that he can never drive a truck again, so on top of everything else he’s going to need to find a career that he can manage to do without hurting himself any worse than he already has. I do have a disability check but it isn’t very much and now with having to pay out-of-pocket for Rick’s heart meds and trying to fix everything that needs fixing in the house I feel like we’re just slowly sinking. It doesn’t help that we have a lot of work to be done on our car within the next month or it can’t be re-registered. I’m always the first one to tell everyone to do the best they can with what they have, and to try to keep a good attitude, but I’m finding it hard to take my own advice these days. I try so hard to just get by, but I don’t know how much longer we can get by on what we have. Thank God for family who has loaned us money for bills when we really needed it and have agreed to be repaid when we finally get a settlement from him getting hurt, but I think it isn’t going to be very much…at least not as much as we had figured it would be, and there’s no telling when or if that will ever come. I’m happy with just being able to pay the bills, and I never go shopping for anything that isn’t necessary. I don’t think I’ve bought anything for myself since last Christmas. I’m perfectly happy with having a roof over my head and food on the table, but even those things are getting to be closer to a luxury. I wish that we could both just go back to work, but with as sick as I am, and as hurt as Rick is all the time I’m going to have to figure out something that would allow us to live normally again. There must be a way that I can still earn enough to keep us afloat until Rick can find a job that will be good for him. I was considering letting companies put ads on my blog but I seriously doubt that it would be enough to help. I need some good ideas on things that both Rick and I could do to fix things, so if you have any I’d be more than happy to hear them. I feel like crap today. I think that worrying about money is effecting my body. I let Jess take my car out last night to see some of her friends, she hadn’t seen them since she was admitted to the hospital so I figured that it would be good for her to get away for a few hours. Right after she left, Rick went to check the mail box and I had a letter from a near-by police station. I couldn’t imagine what any police station would need to send to me, but when I opened it there was a lovely picture of my daughter speeding in my car about two weeks before she started getting sick. Now, normally I would have called her cell and demanded that she come straight back and explain to me what the hell she was thinking speeding in my car, but after everything that we just gone through I just couldn’t do it. There are so many important things in life that don’t seem so important until you get a reality check…and I had just had one with her in the hospital. I did prop the letter/picture up between her medicine bottles, where I knew she would see them when she came home, and we went up to go to bed. I haven’t spoken to her much about it yet but that’s not a conversation that I’ll be forgetting to have. She usually does very well when it comes to driving so hopefully this will ensure that she pays better attention to the speed limit. It’s not like her to get into trouble, she usually does whatever she can to stay out of trouble. When I woke up this morning Jesse and her friend were sleeping in my family room where I usually watch the morning news, so I woke them both up and sent them to her bedroom, and I did mention a little something about the letter and told her we would talk about it later today. It was still really early so I just wanted her to take her meds and try to sleep for a few more hours because she’s still having  trouble with her throat. I hope she’s completely healed soon. I know she’s still hurting like crazy. Speaking of hurting…I’m hurting pretty bad myself today but hopefully a nice hot bath will help, it’s worth a try. I already picked all the dead leaves off of my plants this morning because Rick forgot to water any of them while I was gone and they were drying out. He didn’t manage to kill any of them though, so I am grateful for that. They just needed a drink of water and now they look fine again. Today I’m grateful for my daughter continuing to get better and my husband having a good attitude about everything, now I just need to get myself in a better mood and everything will work out as it should.



Missing from the Presidential Suite ….

I’ll cut right to the chase. The sky is blue. The sun is really a star. The moon was full last week. Dogs like to jump and give wet kisses. Bicycles have two wheels -I prefer cars, they have four wheels and protect you more during inclement weather. Yes, I’m still in a great mood!

Oh my! I got off track, so sorry! Jess was discharged late this morning 🙂  I haven’t been able to talk to either Cindy or Jess yet, but I texted Rick after I called the Presidential Suite and the phone just rang and rang and rang. Rick said Jess’d been discharged & they were running errands -which I hope consisted of getting her meds & Ensure drinks and perhaps puddings & Icees. Then Justin called and wanted to talk with Cindy. So, after all that, I’m guessing exhaustion hit and hit hard!

Cindy was beginning to sound tired again last night as Jess began to be able to drink the Strawberry Ensure. Then Jess had almost finished an Icee! The really nice nurse came in & stated that Jess looked better and Cindy said she agreed. The difference from yesterday afternoon to evening was dramatic -in a fantastic way! I had not anticipated it being so great, but sometimes, when doctors/nurses listen & hear what a parent tells them about their child, sometimes things turn around. This was one of those times. Chalk another one up for Moms!!

Well, I guess I’ll go on and publish this so you all can rest easy knowing Jess is much better & both are safely home in their snuggle-ly beds. Tomorrow we’ll check in and see how Cindy’s doing now that she doesn’t have to be Super-Mom. I want to be confident she’ll be alright after a day or so.  However, my confidence may not be based in reality … but I can still hope! There’s ~always~ hope!

Good Night All!

Now it’s time for everyone to get a nice massage. Yes, seriously! Schedule one ASAP =0)


and the Cycle Repeats ….

So, after a couple of days with the nurses taking good care of Jess, the ‘Wrath of a Sick Child’s Mother” was unleashed yet again today. A doctor came in and decided that it was time to ween Jess from her IV pain meds and have her take them by pill …. nothing else needs to be said -well, after you consider this:

Jess has been in the hospital for about a week, she’s had surgery, and in worse shape now than when she was admitted. Jess can’t even have water in her mouth because it burns (water!). She tried pudding yesterday & it had to be suctioned out, she couldn’t swallow it. No sprite, no Ensure -just little bits of an icee now and then. It’s been almost 3 days now and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Back to the Doctor’s decision, she wanted to have Jess start taking pain meds by pills! Cindy let loose, apparently -while in the Presidential Suite- an angry Mom screaming at the doctor, crying in frustration, that her daughter is getting worse under their care and that there’s a malpractice attorney on retainer changes things a bit. Nothing has been ‘normal’ since they were admitted, so now it’s time to think outside the box. Treat Jess as an individual, not a statistic. Evaluate how she is responding and adjust already!!!  After all the dust settled, the doctor determined that perhaps increasing the pain meds (by IV) would allow Jess to continue to try to swallow things with less pain and just maybe get some type of nutrition in her.  Toradol (sp?) has been added to the IV & is supposed to help with inflammation, pain and something else and the surgeon due back in to check on things Monday.

I’m outta here for now -gotta go enjoy the best mood I have been in for years! May you all have wonderful days ahead soon!

Good Gosh! Jess is still in the Bleepin’ Hospital

Greetings Again, Our Fine Readers!Jess's 2nd favorite young man a year ago

I am writing again to share the continuing saga of Cindy & Jess in Thunderbird Hospital.

Cindy’s on an Apple Fritter sugar high after going to the cafeteria to get an iceee for Jess & sounds so much like she used to -you know, back in the days (a year or so ago) before the cancer poked its ugly Frankenweenie head up. Rick is a fantastic delivery person; he takes orders, goes to the house, collects items on the list & returns with them. Guess he’s so good at it cuz it’s like the Repo work -get the paperwork on a car, go to the house, collect the car & return with it. Hmmmm. Pretty much the same job description -only without the pay & benefits. Just sayin’.

The beginning of the week Jess was hoping to be bounced outta there so she could take a special young man Trick-or-Treating. She was sooo looking forward to that -really. Well, something about being in excruciating pain almost all of the time, slinging stuff across the room repeatedly, not recovering from surgery, having some unknown infection, that denies all attempts to identity & destroy it, prevents one from being discharged. Today Jess’s white blood count is at 19,000. Cindy says it could be from new antibiotic ramping her system up? We just don’t know.

Jess is -as you’re likely presuming- still in hospital in lots of pain. Dehydrated (how’s that really happen when you’re in the hospital & the nurses are watching over you like hawks, they see you’re not eating nor drinking as much as you ought to, yet the IV you’re connected to isn’t sufficient to keep you hydrated/nourished -so then they kick the IV-food bag drip rate to hyper-speed causing your bladder to need releasing every 5 minutes. Add to that, the pain meds that are somewhat helping with what pain meds help with, which also make you sleepy. If one sleeps, one’s body can work on repair work much quicker than if you’re writhing around in pain. But you have to get up to pee! Again!!  I just don’t quite understand the logic here -what am I missing?) This is Elaine-not Cindy-who probably has a better grip on that issue, but she’s not answering the phone in Jess’ room … maybe a doctor popped in?

Well, Jess has apparently decided to take after her mother & make her hospital stay as close to a vacation locale as possible. Two days ago, Jess was moved into a room Cindy calls a Presidential Suite. “I know I shouldn’t be excited about hospital room, but I am!” says Jess. The bathroom is the size of the previous room, there’s a space similar to a reception area also the size of the previous room, then there’s the area of Jess’s treatment area. It seems that somehow water drained from the first bathroom’s shower into room below, so maintenance work was required.  This Presidential Suite is also a handicapped-accessible  room -which makes it super easy for Cindy to get to either side of bed in a hurry (seems Jess gets tangled up in the tubes sometimes) or to help Jess in bathroom if necessary.

Back on the home front, Rick bought a weed-eater. Seems like a common item to have, doesn’t it? I thought it was a nice gesture, and would help with how often Cindy would need to go out and pull up the weeds.  I told Cindy that weed-eating wasn’t the same as weeding, but she said Rick “is taking my weeds away. They’re my friends.” Unfortunately, I laughed at her, she wasn’t impressed -she was serious. The weeds are truly her friends. I’m gonna have to be more careful next time -maybe she won’t hold it against me 😉 for too long!

Well, I’m off to play with my dogs who’ve decided the weather is perfect for playing outdoors -it is, too! Carolina Blue skies & a nice 68 degrees, with a hint of a breeze now and then. Beautiful! “Throw the frisbee. Now throw the ball. Now watch while I bury my frisbee in the pile of leaves then dig it out!” says Sparky -3yr old Lab mix.

Jess is recovering … I think


Hello Everyone, it’s Elaine, Cindy’s sister ~I’m back to help out a bit =0)

I’m writing for Cindy because she’s staying in the hospital with Jess. Jess agreed -after Cindy convinced her- to let the doctors remove her tonsils and anything else that was infected in the area. Apparently, it was a lot of search & remove, because the pain Jess is in now is terribly incredibly awful. They removed her tonsils, adenoids and poked around in her sinuses so the infected stuff is gone, but in their place ~serious pain. Cindy said to think of your worst pain and it’s 10 times worse! The doctors said following the surgery, that Jess may be able to go home in about 2 days -which is great news for Jess, since she wants to go Trick or Treating with a very special young man.

Now to back up a little, in Cindy’s last post, she talked about how Jess got to the hospital. No need to go over that again! But this whole illness is baffling to even the Infectious Disease doctor! They put Jess on IV antibiotics and steroids and after 2 days she wasn’t getting better, but worse! Jess was waking up every once in a while screaming in pain, so Cindy had them hook up the pain meds where Jess could push a button to give herself pain meds. That helped somewhat -she was still hurting terribly! They ran all kinds of tests, nothing was indicated in her blood work. In fact, that doctor came in the room, threw his arm up and said he didn’t have any idea what was wrong with Jess! After more scans they finally gave her a different kind of antibiotic for bronchitis and that helped some.

So things were looking better! The four friends Jess hangs out with came to visit -and to be cautious, they all wore masks and gloves. They goofed around took pic’s and joked about it being funny with Halloween coming up & them being in costumes. Jess’s best friend was going to spend the night with her, yesterday, after the surgery, so Cindy could go home and get some rest (she is sooo beyond exhausted). Cindy hadn’t heard from her, so she called her mother to see what time Rick should go pick her up & Wham! Two of the girls who came to visit are sick like Jess. Cindy told the mother to be sure to tell the doctors at Urgent Care about Jess & and that the CDC is involved trying to determine what is going on.

So, Cindy’s still at the hospital with Jess. Mom and Rick did bring her some home cooked food they ate in the cafeteria, ‘though!  Rick joked and said he got all dressed up to go out to eat at the Thunderbird cafeteria! Speaking of eating! Cindy says the only thing Jess has been able to eat is the hospital pudding that comes in a can from the kitchen -not the snack size ones that they have on the hospital floors because there’s something in them that burns the back of her throat- and Sprite! I actually talked with Jess the other day & she said the Sprite kind of tickled the back of her throat with the bubbles LOL. No other drink works, but she’s got Sprite.

Well, that about covers things through late last night. I will relay your comments today -please know we appreciate all of your kind wishes & prayers.