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Missing from the Presidential Suite ….

I’ll cut right to the chase. The sky is blue. The sun is really a star. The moon was full last week. Dogs like to jump and give wet kisses. Bicycles have two wheels -I prefer cars, they have four wheels and protect you more during inclement weather. Yes, I’m still in a great mood!

Oh my! I got off track, so sorry! Jess was discharged late this morning 🙂  I haven’t been able to talk to either Cindy or Jess yet, but I texted Rick after I called the Presidential Suite and the phone just rang and rang and rang. Rick said Jess’d been discharged & they were running errands -which I hope consisted of getting her meds & Ensure drinks and perhaps puddings & Icees. Then Justin called and wanted to talk with Cindy. So, after all that, I’m guessing exhaustion hit and hit hard!

Cindy was beginning to sound tired again last night as Jess began to be able to drink the Strawberry Ensure. Then Jess had almost finished an Icee! The really nice nurse came in & stated that Jess looked better and Cindy said she agreed. The difference from yesterday afternoon to evening was dramatic -in a fantastic way! I had not anticipated it being so great, but sometimes, when doctors/nurses listen & hear what a parent tells them about their child, sometimes things turn around. This was one of those times. Chalk another one up for Moms!!

Well, I guess I’ll go on and publish this so you all can rest easy knowing Jess is much better & both are safely home in their snuggle-ly beds. Tomorrow we’ll check in and see how Cindy’s doing now that she doesn’t have to be Super-Mom. I want to be confident she’ll be alright after a day or so.  However, my confidence may not be based in reality … but I can still hope! There’s ~always~ hope!

Good Night All!

Now it’s time for everyone to get a nice massage. Yes, seriously! Schedule one ASAP =0)